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To quickly and efficiently add your own personal profile video to the PocketExperts.Solutions international team of experts and contributors, we invite you to record your own video profile. This process can be completed quickly and efficiently by following those steps set forth below:

Video content

This video is about you and what you have to offer as a specialist and expert in your field. The video should be introduction of who you are and the services you provide.

*Please note that you must record the video before completing your purchase to provide the editor a link to your file.*

Step One – How to record your personalized introductory video using your cell phone

  • Hold the phone horizontally, not vertically. Vertical videos will not produce an acceptable video.
  • Hold the phone steady or, better yet, use a tripod if Alternatively, you can prop up the phone if possible.
  • To get the best result, when recording, you should not be standing in front of a window or any other backdrop that will create Backlight will darken the foreground making you, the subject, on camera very dark.
  • For the most professional result, be mindful of the background in all Be sure there is nothing behind you that may be distracting. For example, you do not want to have a lot of clutter behind you as this is a sales tool for growing your practice.
  • Before they start, have each person identify themselves with their Have them spell out both their first and last names. This is so we can add their names on screen and insure proper spelling.
  • Give us a second of quiet before they start and after they This will insure clean edits.
  • If they make a mistake, no Just have them pick up where they left off and we will edit around any miscues.
  • Do multiple takes if needed
  • Review each good take before sending it to us to make sure that the image is clear, and the audio can be clearly
  • Take care to compose each shot or video take as carefully as possible to show you in the best possible and most positive
  • Things that you should watch for include:
    • shadows across your face
    • clothing not sitting right
    • a crooked collar or tie
    • eyeglasses askew
    • Be sure to be in a quiet area, away from extraneous Audio quality is often overlooked.

Step Two – Purchase “Profile” and Provide a direct link to your Video file below.

After the video has been recorded, and you are satisfied with the result, you will need to upload it to a file share service (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive) and provide the link when purchased.


Expectations of submitted video

Our video partner, RDR Video Productions, will be preparing all videos for the PocketExperts.Solutions website. Editing will include:

  • An opening Solutions logo
  • Limited editing of the body of the video if, and where, needed
  • Sweetening of audio
  • Color correction and adjustment
  • Customer contact information as provided by the client

Upon your approval as the contributor, and a PocketExperts.Solutions expert, the video will then be readied for posting. You, as a contributor, and member of our team, will post the completed video profile on the PocketExperts.Solutions website within your personal profile page.


The purchase price for a 30 to 60 second edited video shot by the contributor will cost $120.00. Anything longer may result in an additional charge.  RDR Video Productions will contact the contributor if they feel the need for any additional editing before beginning the process.  Additional editing will be prorated in 15-minute increments at the rate of $120.00 per hour. Each video will be available for review within 10 business days of its submission.

Purchase your profile by filling out the form after following all the steps above.